Thursday, June 3, 2010

Scented Black Tea: Black Rose

This tea is blended with premium roasted black tea.
The tea leaves are leaf buds and finer small leaves.
They are then fermented and roasted to yield a Gongfu style tea.
The tea leaves are then paired with organic pink rose buds from India.
This tea contains no essential oils, artificial essence or fragrance.
The roses are of such superior quality when harvested and handled, that the natural essential oils of the roses are preserved.
The tea is blended gently with the roses and left to do what it is best at – permeate their flavors together, creating a wonderful marriage of flavors and scent.

Smell: Subtly floral, scent of damask rose

Color: Sparkling, clear, amber with a tinge of red

Taste: Smooth, clean, mild, smooth tannins with an after taste of subtle floral

Body: Medium viscosity

Liquor: Dark, complete clean coverage with mild smooth tannins

Stay: Complete on tongue, smooth transition into the throat, soothing

Leaf: Twisted, buds and small leaves, roasted evenly with no smokiness and fermented cleanly

Conclusion: This is a very soothing tea.
It is not overpowering as far as the floral notes, taste or aroma.
It is one of the better tasting rose scented teas we have tasted.
It has no artificial essence, essential oils or fragrance.
Just premium black tea with exquisite pink rose buds from India.

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