Thursday, June 17, 2010

Green Oolong: Wen Shan Bao Zhong

Bao Zhong means wrapped, referring to the way this tea comes to be.
The tea leaves were wrapped in paper before being roasted and processed.
This is a green oolong that is lightly oxidized, from Wen Shan North of Taiwan.

Smell: deep, clean and full with fresh overtones

Color: Light green and clear

Taste: Even, light with a clean fresh finish

Body: Light and delicate

Liquor: Subtly mild

Stay: Top of palate lingers to mid mouth

Leaf: Individual single leaf, handpicked, no bruising

Conclusion: Least oxidized of the oolongs.
Greenest of the oolongs.
Perfect morning tea, light, invigorating and fresh

Bao Zhong Tea Plantation in Taiwan

The Bao Zhong tea plantations are small and the tea plants are cared for organically and handpicked by seasoned tea pickers.
 Most of the tea pickersare older women as the younger women prefer not to expose themselves to the sunlight causing a tan.

The taste testing at the tea plantation.
Taste tested by the tea masters that know what a good Bao Zhong needs to taste like.

Tea Competition.
This is the tea master that we buy our teas from in Taiwan who won the competition.


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