Monday, June 21, 2010

Black tea: Organic Golden Monkey

This is an excellent organic tea.
It brews between a red and a black tea.
When brewed strong it has a mahogany color to it when light more of a red tinge.
Smell: Honey, floral with tinges of citrus

Color: Red, clear and shiny

Taste: very smooth, sweet with a floral hint, slight citrus in the back of tongue, tannins are extremely smooth and sweet

Body: Full bodied

Liquor: medium

Stay: Evenly coats the mouth and stays well, flavor of the tea lingers more on the tongue

Leaf: fine, curly, downy buds, dark with golden strands and tips, fermented evenly and roasted

Conclusion: The scent is reminiscent of a honey Dan Cong tea. This tea was savored after a Dim Sum breakfast.
It was like having dessert. Although some felt that it was not a substitute for a sugary sweet dessert.
It cleansed the palate and stimulated the digestion rapidly. Subsequent brews were quite flavorful.

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